Personal Imaging

Celine Gabriel-Lim has been in the public relations industry for more than a decade and is a familiar face in the country’s lifestyle driven events and magazine pages. Her vast experience has touched many industries such as art, food and beverage, technology, advocacy, and most especially beauty and fashion.

Always up for a challenge, her work has allowed her to collaborate with photographers, editors, stylists, designers and creative directors here and abroad.

Ever a multi-tasker, she is also a columnist for a newspaper and TV host for a morning lifestyle show that delves on fashion, beauty and wellness.

To date, she is also the Program Director for Modern Academy and holds the position of Publicity and Press Relations Director for Make Up For Ever Paris and Maquillage Professionnel.


With Modern Academy's Basic Photography program, you'll be able to update and advance your passion for photos through essential photography practices. Prepare to experience a better view of everything with Modern Academy.

Course Outline
Introduction and Overview
-> Introduction
-> Photographic Process
-> History
-> Evolution

Camera and Equipment
 -> Camera Types of Classifications  
 -> Parts of the Camera
 -> Types of Lenses
 -> Accessories
Camera Operations
-> Shooting Modes
-> Exposure Pillars
-> History
-> Photography Jargons and Terminologies

Art of Photography
 -> Elements of Composition
 -> Parts of the Camera
 -> Rules of Composition
 -> Photography Types and Genre