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Celine Gabriel-Lim has been in the public relations industry for more than a decade and is a familiar face in the country’s lifestyle driven events and magazine pages. Her vast experience has touched many industries such as art, food and beverage, technology, advocacy, and most especially beauty and fashion.

Always up for a challenge, her work has allowed her to collaborate with photographers, editors, stylists, designers and creative directors here and abroad.

Ever a multi-tasker, she is also a columnist for a newspaper and TV host for a morning lifestyle show that delves on fashion, beauty and wellness.

To date, she is also the Program Director for Modern Academy and holds the position of Publicity and Press Relations Director for Make Up For Ever Paris and Maquillage Professionnel.

Module 1: Facial beauty, Fashion & Photography Make up for Professional Artists [ 50 hours ]

This course is designed as an introduction to the art and craft of professional make up. It focuses on beauty and is designed for individuals who would either like to learn basic professional make up techniques or those who would like to further hone their skills in the areas of face correction, color harmony, day and evening make up, bridal make up, make up for beauty photography, and fashion make up trends. Special attention is given to the different techniques of eye make up application.

Module 4: Personal Beauty Make Up [ 15 hours ]

This course is designed for those who would like to create personal looks ranging from the most natural, no-make up look to high-glamour visage, looks with a fun, night-on-the-town appeal to a fresh girl-next-door look. Corporate executives and women in business and politics can benefit from an enhancement of their personal style through make up. Participants will benefit from advice on how to enhance their individual features. Consultations will be given on how to create a proper make up kit that suits each one’s individual style and lifestyle. Participants will delight in exploring different facets of their persona using professional make up artistry and skills with themselves as the subject. This is also an excellent venue for those considering an alternative career in professional make up artistry and would like to explore possibilities.

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Module 2: Advanced Beauty, Photography & High Fashion Make up for Professional Artists [ 50 hours ]

This course is designed for make up enthusiasts and professional make up artists who are already learned in the basics of make up and would like to further advance their skills in order to venture into fashion make up for photo editorials, print ads, brochures, fashion shows, and TV/HDTV productions. It not only provides the student with practical knowledge and skills in order to achieve advanced make up artistry but also aims to stimulate the innate creativity of the individual. This module emphasizes creative and highly artistic fashion make up application with reference to different eras of make up, from the 1920’s up to the present.

Module 5: Bridal Make up for Professional Artists [ 20 hours ]

This course is designed for the professional make up artist in order to meet the growing demands of bridal make up artistry. As many bridal themes and concepts gain popularity, artists are expected to communicate the individuality of a bride’s chosen style while at the same time creating a look that is timeless, flawless, and beautiful. In this module, the make up artist is able to further develop versatility in the craft as well as proficiency in techniques for bridal make up. This course is a valuable resource for ideas on looks, insight from actual practices, and mastery of color in order to meet the expectations of the most selective bride.